The simple solution for zipping your own dress
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Sustainable Lanyards by Zip My Dress

Zip My Dress has created the first sustainable lanyard that serves as a gift, zipper puller, keychain, and name badge/ID holder!

Have you ever used a conference lanyard, and didn't know what to do with it afterwards? Or been on a business trip, alone in a hotel room, with no one to help zip your dress up? This is the solution! No more wasted lanyards. A zipper puller that zips up your dress, while acting as a lanyard to hold your name badge. Don't wear dresses? Gift the zipper puller lanyard to a friend or partner. 

The gift that keeps on giving.
Zip My Dress lanyards are perfect for conferences, work badges, meetings, and corporate gifts. 

The patented zip my dress® clamp and lanyard is the perfect sustainable solution for your office, school, or conference. It's made for the woman on the go.

The zipper puller lanyard is convenient and has multiple uses: 

  • Use the clamp as a name badge or ID holder
  • Hang keys from the keychain
  • And of course, use it as a zipper puller to zip your own dress and apparel!

Custom lanyards

Custom eco-friendly lanyards give brand identity to schools, offices, government, trade shows, hospitals, and places where badges are needed. Spread your brand message with logo color imprints and custom lanyard colors. The zipper puller clamp serves as a brilliant name badge holder. 


Princess Noor of Jordan and female leaders wearing the Zip My Dress lanyard. See the lanyard in action at the IWEC conference

Throw it in your purse for shopping, travel, or business trips. This clamp zipper puller works on most types of zippers on all areas of clothing. It is indispensable for rear zippers. Our zipper puller will help you get where you want to go, wearing what you want to wear.

Top Uses for Sustainable Zipper Puller Lanyards: 

  • Tradeshow and Conference Attendees
  • Work Badges
  • Branded Corporate Giveaways 
  • Public Speakers 
  • Corporate Employees and Professionals
  • Convention Promoters and Exhibitors 
  • Retail store clerks
  • Teachers and staff
  • Business travelers
  • Tour guides
  • Airline employees, especially flight attendants who wear dresses
  • Restaurant workers, waiters, baristas, cocktail waiters

Ready to order your custom lanyards? Please fill out our order form and a Zip My Dress representative will fulfill your order. Email for questions and all other inquiries.