The simple solution for zipping your own dress
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How To Use


Follow these instructions for the best way to use zip my dress®:

  1. Before stepping into the dress, attach the clamp to the zipper. 
  2. For invisible zippers, insert the zipper inside the clamp's crevice in the center. Push the zipper all the way until it touches the back of the clamp.
  3. For flat zippers, clamp the zipper flat and push the zipper until touches the back of the clamp. Make sure you cover the entire zipper handle with the mouth of the clamp.
  4. Snug it right up to the part where the zipper handle attaches to the zipper. This will help to ensure the puller stays attached.
  5. Step into the dress. Then pull GENTLY and firmly on the ribbon while holding the bottom of your garment with your other hand. This will zip up/down your garment. If the clamp pops off, that means the zipper is not pushed in far enough into the crevice or the ribbon is being pulled too hard. 
  6. Attach or remove the clamp by pressing with your thumb and forefinger. Problem solved!


Zip My Dress was invented to especially pull up an invisible zipper. Use the center crevice to hold the zipper and make sure to push it all the way to the back of the clamp. 
For flat zippers, just clamp and make sure the zipper is pushed all the way in to touch the back of the clamp. 


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